Diversity of thought and background is essential for insurance industry’s success

Huw Evans

27 September 2016

Today marks the start of London’s Dive In festival to promote diversity and inclusion in the insurance industry. It is a great celebration of the work our sector is doing to get better at supporting talent from all backgrounds. However, the fact that we need a festival says it all; we still have a long […]

Guest blog: Insurance fraud and an industry’s path to greater consumer trust

Paul Scott

15 September 2016

The ongoing cost of insurance fraud was laid bare last week with latest figures showing 2,500 frauds worth £25 million are being detected every week. An increase in ‘slip and trip’ liability frauds and the continually high level of motor frauds means it’s an area ripe for action by insurance companies, to keep costs down and […]

Building in business resilience: The urgent need to modernise fire regulation

Iain Cox

14 September 2016

350 years ago this month, the Great Fire of London swept through our capital city. Hundreds of landmark buildings were destroyed in the fire, along with many thousands of homes, leaving a lasting mark on the capital. There is no doubt that fire can be highly destructive and damaging to building infrastructure. However, what many […]

From the Great Fire of London to the modern insurance industry

James Dalton

2 September 2016

Much has been written about the causes of the Great Fire, its spread, and the destruction of thousands of buildings across the capital. What is less known, but equally important to the creation of modern London, is how the Great Fire led to the development of the insurance industry we know today. In 1666, an […]

Guest blog: Digital and data innovation in motor insurance – how cloud-based services will bring insurance into the 21st Century

Mark Bates

1 September 2016

Innovations in insurance technology – insurtech – are allowing insurers to make better and better use of increasingly large and sophisticated levels of data and services. The advantages of these are clear, as the better an insurer understands their customer and the item being insured the better their underwriting, pricing and customer service. However there are […]

Underwriting profit in motor insurance for the first time since 1994

Matt Cullen

23 August 2016

1994 was the year when Oasis released their classic Britpop album Definitely Maybe, the Channel Tunnel opened and the average UK house price was just £56,000. It was also the last year that the UK motor insurance sector made an underwriting profit. Until now. Latest figures from the ABI reveal that last year, the UK […]

Guest blog: The rise of drones – taking your business operations to new heights

Fridtjof Detlefs

11 August 2016

Since drones’ inception in the commercial world, every industry is imagining ways in which unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) could transform their business. Insurance is no exception. Insurers are reimagining their claims and underwriting processes to reduce manual interventions for inspections by leveraging drones, thereby improving efficiency and reducing cycle time. According to the Federal Aviation […]

A survivor’s guide to flood resistance

Mary Dhonau

10 August 2016

Home and business owners are regularly told to ‘protect themselves’ from being flooded but how can we do this? Whatever we do to try and protect our homes, we need to remember that we will always remain at risk. During the floods of last winter we saw major flood defences overtopped in Cumbria, and flood […]