A farewell to Lusty

Louise Hanson

12 January 2017

Ahead of today’s church service marking the official decommissioning of the HMS Illustrious, ABI’s Louise Hanson looks back on the relationship that the Association of British Insurers – and that her family personally – had with the World War II aircraft carrier.

Indirect Tax – Reflections on the Autumn Statement

David Jordorson

30 November 2016

Not since the Autumn Statement replaced the Pre-Budget Report in 2010 has the UK’s second fiscal event taken place against a backdrop of greater uncertainty. With the twin unknowns of a Trump Presidency and the (shifting) shape of Brexit looming over all, it was an opportunity for the new Chancellor to set out his stall […]

Guest blog: Credit Insurance: Let’s stop #uncertainty from trending

Trevor Williams

17 November 2016

After #Brexit, #uncertainty is arguably the top trending word for UK businesses in 2016. And let’s not beat around the bush: the news doesn’t look good. Article 50 is yet to be triggered meaning businesses are likely to remain in limbo for a long time while trade agreements are decided. Additionally the markets are reacting […]

SOLVENCY II : I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost

Hugh Savill

4 November 2016

Since the Referendum there has been a UK debate, some of it well informed, about the influence of EU bodies on British regulation. The opposite debate takes place in Europe and ghostbusters, armed with proton packs and particle throwers, have now been despatched there to deal with some voices that have raised the spectre of “conflicts of interest” from British authorities’ continued involvement in the development of EU legislation during the period when we are preparing to leave the EU…